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Apple iPad Mini 5 What We Know so Far


Apple fans are in for a good year, the Cupertino based tech giant is expected to refresh its iPad Pro and iPad Mini offerings this year. Almost one year has passed since Apple last upgraded its iPad Mini lineup and everyone is expecting a brand new model to be unveiled.

Even though Apple has yet to disclose any official information the internet is filled with rumors about the upcoming iPad Mini 5 that come straight from Apple’s supply chain. We have rounded up the most liable rumors and speculations surrounding iPad Mini 5 and we’re going to present them right now.

Apple iPad Mini 5: Release Date

The Cupertino based tech giant has a tradition of always announcing its events in the nick of time. This way, Apple ensures that the entire world is paying attention to its event and to what product it decides to launch. Regarding iPad Mini 5’s launch date, rumors are pointing out that it will be unveiled in March. The reason behind this is that Apple always unveils a new device during March. Additionally, this information has came from Apple’s anonymous supply chain.

Apple iPad Mini 5: Hardware Specs

Every time Apple launches a new gadget it upgrades its hardware. We can expect this to happen with iPad Mini 5 as well. In fact, the small tablet is reportedly going to be the most powerful one in its lineup. Tech experts believe that iPad Mini 5 will be powered by Apple’s own highly impressive A9 chipset. If this proves to be true, iPad Mini 5 will provide owners with stable hardware performances that are perfect for gaming purposes.

Additionally, the camera department shouldn’t be overlooked at all. Even though tablets aren’t known for their camera specs, Apple has decided to equip iPad Mini 5 with a 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP selfie camera.

On another note, Apple received some harsh criticism for always using LED panels and not switching to the more advanced OLED ones. Especially since all major tech manufacturers started using OLED displays including Samsung and Google. This is why Apple is expected to equip iPad Mini 5 with an OLED display that’s going to be able to represent colors better than ever.