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Apple iPad Pro 2 is Scheduled to Come Out in June


Traditionally, it was quite an easy task for tech analysts to predict whenever a new Apple product is coming. However, during the past few years Apple has became quite unpredictable. For example, Apple managed to surprise everyone when it recently unveiled its rather affordable new iPad offering. Even though Apple is getting hard to track, this doesn’t mean that tech analysts will stop trying.

12.9 inch iPad Pro WWDC Launch

According to rumors and speculations, Apple is expected to take the tech industry by storm in June when its going to unveil a 12.9 inch iPad Pro. It’s highly possible that Apple will launch the new hybrid tablet during June because that’s when the WWDC event takes place. We should also mention that WWDC will last from June 5th to 9th and that its going to be held in San Jose, California.


The Cupertino based tech giant has yet to confirm that its getting ready to launch a new device but the fact that almost all online media outlets are talking about it, makes it highly believable. Considering that the first 12.9 inch iPad Pro was launched two years ago, Apple really needs to refresh its hybrid tablet offerings.


Now that we’ve went over the device’s expected release date, let’s talk about some more important matters. One of the things that makes Apple’s iPad Pro lineup stand out from the rest is the fact that its quite expensive and the upcoming iPad Pro models are surely going to sport an expensive price tag as well.

The original 12.9 inch iPad Pro 32GB variant was priced at $900 when it first came out, while the 128GB variant was made available for over $1000. With that being said, we think it’s safe to assume that Apple’s not-yet released iPad Pro will cost somewhere around $1000 as well.

Touch Bar

One of the greatest features that Apple has implemented on its devices its the Touch Bar and its surely going to find its way to the upcoming 12.9 inch iPad Pro. In addition, the device will also feature a TrueTone display which will run at 120Hz.