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Apple iPad Pro 2 – Retailer Stocks Dwindling Hint Towards a May Release


A couple of weeks ago Apple decided to surprise its fans by launching the rather affordable 9.7 inch iPad that’s been priced at $329. While this might seem like great news, Apple fans didn’t receive it so well because they were expecting the new itineration of iPad Pro 2. Well, according to various reports and rumors Apple fans will not be required to wait anymore.

Stocks are Dwindling

Numerous Apple certified retailers have confirmed that their iPad Pro 12.9 inch stock is near depletion and that it doesn’t look like Apple wants to ship out additional units. This leads us to believe that Apple is making room for the new iPad Pro 2 models. However, the expected release date for iPad Pro 2 is May thus it won’t be long until we get our first glimpse iPad Pro 2. We need to mention the fact that Apple didn’t confirm this expected release date thus it’s subjective to change.

Small Event

Many are expecting Apple to unveil iPad Pro 2 in a large event, similar to what we are used to see when a new iPhone flagship model comes out. This might not be the case this year since Apple hasn’t even started marketing the upcoming hybrid tablets. However, the fact that everyone is talking about Apple’s not-yet released iPad Pro 2 might be the reason why Apple doesn’t feel the need to invest additional money in a marketing campaign.

New Size Model

Apple almost always launches its devices in two size models. The tradition is going to change this year since Apple’s supply chain started hinting the fact that Apple wants to introduce a 10.5 inch size variant. This means that Apple fans will be able to choose between the 9.7 inch, 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch size models.

What’s interesting is that the 10.5 inch size model is expected to come out at a later date than the 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch variants. The reason to why Apple is doing this is because it doesn’t want to flood the market with different iPad Pro 2 models. This way, customers will more inclined to purchase the more expensive 12.9 inch variant when it first comes out.