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Apple iPad Pro 2 to be Unveiled During Worldwide Developers Conference in June


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Apple fans have been expecting iPad Pro 2 to come out for a while now. Two years have passed since the Cupertino based tech giant refreshed its iPad Pro lineup but now iPad Pro 2 is expected to be unveiled sometime this year. In fact, many believed that iPad Pro 2 will be introduced at the begging of 2017 but as everyone already knows, this didn’t happen.

We don’t know what caused Apple to delay iPad Pro 2’s reveal but from the looks of it, Apple seems to be finally ready to launch it. The reason we are saying this is because according to Apple’s supply chain iPad Pro 2 has entered the production phase.

Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)

WWDC is an annually event that’s being hosted by Apple. This year, the event will kick off in June 5th and will last until the 9th. Apple is scheduled to unveil its latest iOS and MacOS operating systems during WWDC, but this isn’t all. The Cupertino based tech giant is also going to showcase its highly anticipated iPad Pro 2 offering during WWDC.

It seems highly plausible that Apple wants to introduce iPad Pro 2 during WWDC because the entire world will be paying attention to what Apple has to present. This way, Apple will make sure that the entire spotlight will fall on iPad Pro 2 and that there won’t be any competition. However, even though iPad Pro 2 might be unveiled during WWDC it will not be available for purchase right away. Apple will first showcase its design it and only after a couple of weeks it will start delivering it to retailers.

iPad Pro 2

Apple traditionally launches its iPad Pro offerings in two size variants, but this year things are going to change. Rumor has it that Apple will introduce three size models the traditional 9.7 inch and 12.5 inch variants, and the new medium 10.5 inch model. All of them will be bundled with a special Apple Pencil stylus that’s going to go perfect with Apple’s Smart Cover keyboard. Nonetheless, June is not that far away and we won’t have to wait too long.