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Apple iPad Pro 2 Will Replace Laptops with These Two Features


Only a couple of weeks ago Apple unveiled its brand new affordable tablet, but that’s not enough for Apple fans. The Cupertino based tech giant is said to be adding the finishing touches to the highly anticipated iPad Pro 2. Unlike the latest iPad, this device will not be as affordable. iPad Pro 2 is set to be Apple’s top of the line tablet that’s going to fit in the hybrid category because it will be able to replace laptops.

The iPad Pro Legacy

The latest tablet to come out from Apple has been specially designed to appeal towards mid-ranged budgets and to casual tablet users. This leaves iPad Pro 2 to cater to power users that depend on their tablet in order to accomplish their tasks. The iPad Pro lineup is famous for being so powerful when it comes to hardware that it’s able to replace a laptop with the help of a Smart Keyboard. We can be sure that iPad Pro 2 will follow in the same path. Therefore, iPad Pro 2 will feature the best hardware parts that Apple has to offer.

iPad Pro 2

Apple has shown much interest towards enhancing iPad Pro 2’s functionalities so that it can replace laptops easier. Rumor has it that Apple wants to introduce a new file system that’s going to significantly enhance iPad Pro 2’s work productivity levels. The new file system will feature a more organized filing algorithm similar to the way MacOS works.

Another feature that’s going to help iPad Pro 2 replace laptops easier is the addition of Apple’s Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. The aforementioned features are traditionally used on the iMac and they help users complete their task at a much faster rate.

Leaving features aside, another reoccurring rumor is pointing out the fact that iPad Pro 2 is going to ship in the 10.5 inch size model. This will be a first of the iPad Pro lineup and we can be sure that customers are going to be likely to buy the 10.5 inch model since it’s just the right size.