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Apple iPhone 11 – The Fans’ Wish List Regarding The Future


The future Apple iPhone 11 will surely be the biggest smartphone launch of this year. Even though there is no official information about the iPhone 11 features, there are some rumors saying that Apple is preparing many improvements for their future flagship smartphone. However, the Apple fans have already put up a wish list regarding the future iPhone 11.

The Fans’ Wish List Regarding The Future Apple iPhone 11

Home Button or no Home Button?

Is a clear trend nowadays among the smartphones’ producers to exclude the classic home button. We’ve already seen it on Samsung Galaxy 8 and 9 but also on Apple’s latest releases.

Even though, iPhone fans would still love to see the Home Button on the future iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 and AirPods

Apple has enhanced music playback since it acquired Beats.

However, the last iPhone smartphones came with poor-quality earbuds in the box which don’t reflect the iPhone’s abilities to render the music.

The fans expect the future iPhone 11 to come with AirPods in the box.

OLED display

Fans would love to see the future iPhone 11 smartphone coming out with OLED screen instead of the poorer LCD.

According to the latest rumors and leaked pics, Apple could use OLED technology for their future 2018 iPhone models.

Two back cameras

For example, the two back cameras on iPhone X have been appreciated by fans. Therefore, fans hope that the future iPhone 11 will also come with two back cameras.

Is 4K resolution possible for iPhone 11?

Not quite probable but fans still hope the future iPhone 11 will come with 4K resolution.

In fact, at least one of the future 2018 iPhone models is already known to come with a 6.5-inch display, so, a 4K resolution could be a great fit for the future biggest display ever on a smartphone.

In the meantime, we can only wait for some official information on the future Apple iPhone 11, or whatever its name will be.