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Apple iPhone 5s vs iPhone SE – What’s New in the SE


Apple has been a company which has been around the world of technology for the past 40 years, and has had quite a dominating presence in the world of hardware technology and product design.

The company has been coming out with many updates and upgrades over the years. Apple, a few weeks ago had announced the event where they said that they will ‘loop you in’. Now that the event has taken place, the company made several announcements and one of the biggest ones was that the company has now released their latest iPhone device, the iPhone SE.

The device looks a lot like the iPhone 5S, which came out some 3 years ago, and features like the iPhone 6s which came out in the previous year. Apple believes that small is big again, and the company said that last year, they sold over 30 million small sized iPhone devices, and are now expecting a good sales for the iPhone SE too.

Apple’s iPhone SE and iPhone 5S, despite looking the same, are actually quite different. The company has come out with the iPhone SE which has various innovations over the iPhone 5S when one looks inside it!

Compared to the iPhone 5S, the iPhone SE has a better processor, to begin with. The A9 processor on the iPhone SE makes it twice as powerful as the iPhone 5S. This brings it at part with the latest iPhone, the iPhone 6S.

The display sizes of both the devices remain the same at 4 inches. The iPhone 5S, when it first came out was a major innovation in the design, and even today, it looks quite good. The iPhone SE and the iPhone 5S cannot be distinguished when it comes to the looks as they are identical. The devil however lies in the details.

The iPhone SE comes out with a much better camera as it features a 12MP iSight camera which can capture video at 4K. The iPhone 5S on the other hand has an 8MP camera which can capture at 1080p at the most. While the processor, as mentioned above has been bumped up to A9 from A7, the co processor too has been upgraded to the M9 from the M7.

Both devices have a touchID verification system, but the iPhone SE is expected to be a lot faster and a lot better. The battery life of the device, too was announced to be more efficient than that of the iPhone 5S.