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Apple iPhone 5Se To See A Possible March Launch


Apple users are quite excited ever since the news of a smaller iPhone has been around the Internet. As we go closer and closer to the purported launch date, the rumours are becoming even stronger and are becoming even more precise.

Quite an important update has been seen over the Internet about the new iPhone that is the iPhone 5S e which is expected to be a smaller device with 4 inch screen.

This phone is expected to be the sequel to the very popular iPhone 5S which is still the favourite Among many iPhone users.

Apple users today 20 new to worship the iPhone 5S. Even with the launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s series somehow they have still held on to the liking for the iPhone 5S and with the news of the 4 inch screen device to be added to the iPhone 5S range, the Expectations for sales seems to have shot up.

The phone is expected to come in the same kind of specifications that the 5 has had but would also include some new features from the iPhone 6 range. Discussions over the Internet have commenced about the colour palette that the phone would come in.

The four colours that I’ve been suggested for this device include the rose gold, silver, Space Grey, and gold colours which is an attractive range of shades.

Previously comma it was discussed that the phone would come with a bright pink shade as well but apparently, this idea has been dropped, and it has been dropped for good. Had this shade been launched it would only the popular among the female clients of Apple.

Regarding the features of the phone it has already been discussed over the various portals and the web that the phone would have the looks of an iPhone 5 but the internal specifications of an iPhone 6.

However, they have discussions about the phone using a 1GB RAM which seems more feasible given the size.

Also at processor level the phone might not come with an A10 processor or the A9 processor as predicted. It may stick to A8, but we do not have any news from Apple officially.

According to rumours over the Internet the handset maybe revealed on 15th March 2016 to the world.

Apple still remains tight-lipped about its policies and we only have to wait to see whether we can get any credit information about this small phone any earlier.