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Apple iPhone 7 Top Features – The Next Big Thing


Apple iPhone 7 will be coming in the month of September, which is the next big thing and it needs to be best Smartphone from Apple to give a tough competition for other leading brands in the world of smartphones.

The main rival of Apple in the industry is Samsung which is also holding its place among the top leading smartphones as they are also launching their flagship S7 and the other competing name is that of LG which will give the tough competition to Apple by launching its LG G5 .

According to the latest reports Apple sales have been flatlined in past and that’s the reason Apple is launching its brand new phone with some amazing features in the month of September.

To show you the exact picture of what to expect and what not to, here are the best features of iPhone 7 which is the next big release from Apple:

  • Li-Fi connectivity

According to the reports Apple now wants to introduce this new feature in iPhone 7, it’s a code found by a Twitter user in iOS 9.1, which refers to the new technology and it’s also been confirmed by the AppleInsider community too.

This is a super-fast internet technology, which Apple is planning in their future devices for their users.

So be ready to experience superfast speed 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. However, it’s not clear till now it’s still been under test and trial it’s been testing on iPhone 7. So there are high chances of Li-Fi inbuilt in iPhone 7.

  • Two Cameras on Back

iPhone 7 will be featuring dual camera technology with an optical zoom, this technology as per reports is from the company Linx which is under Apple.

As Apple had introduced the Live Photo feature in its iPhone 6S to make the photos better, and they are now bringing something new and interesting with the iPhone 7.

Both the lenses will work, one lens would be capturing the image and the second one would be working or zoom and in making the image more clear and easy to capture.

  • Goodbye Wires: Apple iPhone 7 could have wireless music

As per rumors, Apple will not be coming out with the 3.55mm jack anymore, instead they are opting for a single Lightening connector.

The design of the phone will be very slim and the ear buds might have some buttons on it like calling button and the users would able to activate Siri also.

Overall, Apple is killing 3.55mm jack on iPhone 7 and they are entirely working on wireless similar to Moto Hint, which will also help them slim down the device by 1mm.