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Apple iPhone 7c May Be Launched By April 2016 – China Cellular Road Map Leaks


Recent rumors around the globe have started sparking more talks about the upcoming apple products particularly the iPhones.

The iPhones as we know are generally launched in the month of September or October every year but we are not really focusing on that as of now.

We all know that the iPhone 6 series came with a ‘Plus’ variant of devices that was never really seen before on previous series.

The company has a trend of launching C series iPhones along with S series phones as well. iPhone 6 series missed out on C series completely and focused only on larger phones.

But the rumor mill has churned out more leaks about a possible smaller iPhone getting launched in the coming year.

This phone should be termed as the iPhone 7c. However it might also be known as the iPhone 6c.

The C series phones are generally are cheaper variants. They are plastic bodied and come with smaller screens making them economical versions of their larger contemporaries.

This time the next iPhone 6 or 7c would see a launch in the month of March alongside the apple watch 2. According to fames apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo  this phone will be laced with an A9 chipset. Other major features include 2.5D cover glass and access to apple pay.

Analysts keep giving their opinions about future products of any company but the more convincing proof of the future existence of any device can be gained by leaks across the world.

If you remember when iPhone 6 and 6 plus were first rumored world famous leaksters and tipsters some how got in touch with apple insiders and gained access to some famous spare parts manufacturers in China were apple generally produces its devices and received information about internal designs of the phone.

Some of these tipsters are still at work and have given us an insight on what the future iPhone 6 or 7c could be like.

This time again information is from a Chinese site named MyDrivers.

This website presents a list of products that will be manufactured and released in China in 2016 calendar wise.

Out of the whole list the most striking was the launch of a four inch iPhone in the first quarter of 2016.

We do not know how much of this could actually be true but if it has come from Chi Kuo and have been leaked by Chinese sites then there is definitely an ounce of truth in the information.