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Apple is Accused of Infringing Qualcomm Battery Patent


The tech industry is a highly competitive one and companies such as Apple and Samsung which compete against each other are always arguing over patents. However, it seems like the ITC is accusing Apple of infringing a battery patent from Qualcomm and the Cupertino based tech giant might have to pay for this.

Apple is Found Guilty

The ITC (Internation Trade Commision) is saying that a trade judge should find Apple guilty of infringing at least one of Qualcomm’s battery patents. Although, this is not a decision or a constitutional ruling by the ITC, and it’s only a suggestion for the judges. Therefore, the ITC believes that Apple is guilty.

Qualcomm vs iPhones

In case you didn’t know, Qualcomm is one of the world’s biggest tech manufacturers who specializes in creating hardware parts for smartphones. Moreover, Qualcomm’s processors are always used on flagship Android smartphones and it seems like Apple is using some of that technology on its latest iPhones.

Qualcomm requested a ban on infringing iPhones who are using battery technology which was patented by Qualcomm. The interesting thing about this is that if the ITC judge does decide Apple is guilty, Qualcomm will be able to use this in order to convince Apple to drop multiple patent and contract cases that both companies are involved in.

Apple Speaks Out

“Qualcomm is selectively asserting its patents to target only Apple products containing Intel chipsets — even though its patent infringement allegations would apply equally to Apple products containing Qualcomm chipsets — in an attempt to use the ITC as another mechanism for perpetuating its ill-gotten monopoly position” said Apple.

On the other hand, Qualcomm is saying that all its practices are completely legal and that its customers (other tech companies) don’t have any issues with it.