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Apple is Giving Free iPhone 8 Repairs


Recent reports are showing that Apple has started recalling thousands of iPhone 8 for repairs. The devices start randomly restarting and their screens freeze. To make things even worse, some Apple fans who own an iPhone 8 are saying that sometimes their devices don’t even turn on. This is concerning news for Apple fans, but luckily, the Cupertino based tech company is offering free repairs.

Apple Recalls iPhone 8 Units

The only way to tell if your iPhone 8 is eligible for free repairs from Apple is to look at the sales receipt and see if the device was purchased between September 2017 and March 2018. The issue with these iPhone 8 units is directly caused by malfunctioning hardware and this is why Apple is giving up free repairs. The hardware at fault is the logic board.

We should mention that Apple made a public statement where it announced that the malfunctioning iPhone 8 units have been sold in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, and the US. Therefore, if you are an iPhone 8 owner who is a resident of those countries, then you might want to check the device’s serial number and see if you are eligible for free repairs.

Checking the Serial Number

“Apple has determined that a very small percentage of iPhone 8 devices contain logic boards with a manufacturing defect. Affected devices may experience unexpected restarts, a frozen screen, or won’t turn on. Apple will repair eligible devices, free of charge” said Apple in a recent blog post.

Apple has also posted a serial number check that iPhone 8 owners can use and it’s available directly on the company’s official website. In addition, the serial number can be verified by accessing the “About” tab which is found in the General section of the Settings panel.