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Apple is not interested in GoPro – GoPro is in danger



Apple and GoPro’s alliance has been spoken of quite a lot in these few months.

Almost from the beginning of the year talks have been in progress but finally, it feels like Apple might not really end up buying GoPro after all.

There have been suggestions in recent days by some analysts that including the GoPro should be acquired by Apple as the products fit very well in the kind of product dossier Apple has.

However, if you think very carefully, could you come up with one good way of how the GoPro Action camera or the camera drones would fit into what Apple is currently manufacturing? Would you prefer wearing a GoPro camera on your helmet while going to work? Naturally not.

An action camera and an iPhone or iPad would not really come hand in glove with each other.

This is not the first time Apple has bought a brand. Previously, we saw Apple coming up with another new brand purchase and we are still reaping fruits of this fortunate nexus, also known as ‘Beats’.

The purchase cost Apple almost $3 billion. The practice of making beats headsets compatible with Apple devices has made users rather happy.

In terms of products, it would be right to say that GoPro is not really a bad manufacturer.

It can be a very good purchase considering the demand of the people who are more into active sports and making of videos for commercial purposes.

However, even if Apple does proceed to buy this brand, it might not be as widely selling as probably the Beats headphones are – not just for the price bracket, but for the nature of the product and the small group of people it might probably end up catering to.

The second reason why the GoPro might not be picked up by Apple is that it has a failing sales record.

People who have purchased the camera just out of fancy are no longer interested in their updated products unless it’s a really important business requirement.

Moreover, Apple already has its own product plans cooking in the lab.

The wearable camera, that may be named the Mac Maker, is already done with patent filings earlier in January 2015.

Asides, Apple has its own camera software that can be used by professional cameramen and photographers, so it might not be looking forward to the GoPro software for purchase either.

Purchasing GoPro can nevertheless provide Apple with a brand that already has about 3 and a half million YouTube viewers.