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Apple Leak: New iPhone XS Hands-On Picture


Apple is going to reveal three new iPhones tomorrow and the internet is going crazy about this. As we all know, Apple has a huge fan base and the news of three brand-new iPhones coming out on September 12th is getting everyone excited. The iPhone that will stand out the most during Apple’s reveal event is named iPhone XS and a hands-on picture of it has been leaked on Weibo.

Leaked iPhone XS Picture

For those unfamiliar with Weibo, this is the Chinese version of Reddit. The cool thing about Weibo is that there are special forums where smartphone leaksters gather around and post their latest discoveries.

We should also mention that most smartphone leaks that prove to be true have come from Weibo. With that being said, the featured image shows us what Apple’s next-generation flagship device is going to look like.

Sleek Design

Just like we all expected, iPhone XS looks completely identical to iPhone X which launched last year. However, this is not a bad thing by any means since iPhone X is renowned for featuring a sleek design that is paired with a display top notch. In addition, iPhone XS ships with the same OLED 5.8-inches display like iPhone X does.

September 12th Apple Event

Some are saying that this leaked picture might be a hoax. However, we don’t have to wait that much until we can find out the truth since Apple will show the official version of iPhone XS to the entire world tomorrow during its “Gather Round” event.

Moreover, Apple is also expected to reveal a much bigger version of iPhone XS that will measure in at 6.3-inches. This will be the premium version of the flagship device and it will be bundled with a hefty price tag.