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Apple Music Reportedly Approaches Half as Many Paid Subscribers as Spotify


Spotify is a Swedish industrial music streaming, podcast and video service that gives digital rights management-protected content from record labels and media firms.

It’s on the market in most of, Western Europe, Oceania and America.

Music can be browsed or searched by creative person, album, genre, playlist, or record label.

Spotify operates beneath a freemium business model, with 2 music streaming tiers: Spotify Premium (up to 320 kbps) and Spotify Free (160 kbps) Paid Premium subscriptions (price varies worldwide, however is US$9.99 per month within the United States) removes advertisements, improves audio quality and permit users to transfer music for offline listening the music.

Spotify was launched in October 2008 by Swedish startup Spotify AB.

As of June 2015 Spotify had quite seventy five million active users, as well as concerning twenty million paid users.

Spotify Ltd. operates because the parent company, headquartered in London whereas Spotify AB handles analysis and development in Stockholm.

Despite some shrewish problems at launch, Apple Music seems to be gaining subscribers at a gradual clip.

The streaming music service currently has over ten million paid subscribers across the 100-plus countries within which it’s out there, according to the reports.

That means Apple’s service is within the ballpark of half as several paid subscribers as Spotify, which has crossed the twenty million premium subscriber mark in June.

Spotify hasn’t discharged updated figures since then, though in conversation with various tech giants, the company’s head of PR, Jonathan Prince, notes that “The half of 2015 was the quickest subscriber growth in Spotify history.

” Spotify’s variety of paid subscribers grew by five million throughout the primary six months of 2015, so, if Spotify’s claim is correct, the corporate should currently count a minimum of twenty-five million subscribers. That is spectacular growth for Spotify, that seems to possess weatherworn the launch of Apple Music quite well.


Unlike Apple Music, Spotify additionally incorporates a free tier — in all, the Swedish company has seventy-five million active users.

Apple’s last official count indicated 6.5 million paid users back in the month of October.

It has been simply 6 months since Apple Music launched in June.

Apple has possible benefited from its three-month free trial, which, unsurprisingly, can mechanically renew unless users who are fast enough to cancel.

Each Spotify and Apple Music value $9.99 per month, though iOS users who purchase Spotify through iTunes must pay $12.99 monthly to hide Apple’s polemic cut of App Store take.