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Apple now sells refurbished iPhone 6S and 6S Plus


This is the first time in a couple of years that Apple starts selling refurbished iPhones. The smartphones can be found available on Apple official website, and they have around 15 percent discount. To get an idea of what prices they come at, a 16GB iPhone 6S Plus is priced at $529 and a 64GB iPone 6S Plus costs $589.

Usually customers are hesitant to buy refurbished devices because they are afraid that they might have problems. What refurbishment actually means is that a tech company is going to redistribute their returned products, but not before closely inspecting and testing them. So all refurbished products have been tested to see what problem they present and then fixed before sending them on the market. People need to keep in mind that used and refurbished products are two completely different things. In the tech market refurbished is a synonym with words such as repaired, refreshed, re-manufactured.

Apple started selling refurbished iPhone devices the first time during the year 2007 but they stopped putting them on the market for a while now. There are many other refurbished products on Apple’s official online store. Refurbished products like the MacBooks, Mac accessories, Macs, iPads and many other products.

The refurbished version of the 13.3-inch MacBook Air is priced at $939.00, while the iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB Silver edition can be bought for the price of $259.00 and the iPod touch 32GB blue version costs only $172.00. As you can clearly see, buying refurbished products is considerably more cheaper.

The refurbished products receive the same amount of warranty time as the new iPhones do. The products come with a limited one year warranty. Apple are pressing on the fact that they only produce high quality devices and this is why they are giving them warranty time, to ensure the customers that they are not making a bad choice.


  1. Apple sucks. Try selling them your used Iphone and they’ll offer you pennies on the dollar; yet they want top f’in dollar for the used phones they’re selling. I hope they get theirs when Trump implements taxing corporations such as this!

  2. Eh, they’ll just move their business revenue overseas and raise the price on consumers to offset the price of the tax increase on their costs. That’s pretty much what private Health Insurance companies have done in the wake of AHCA.

  3. what a great price for such a great product

    iPhone 6s is already second best selling phone in US currently. S7 flopped so badly that it can’t even beat year old 6s in sales.

  4. Poor Android fans? Not even. LG, Samsung, Sony Experia all cost 600 dollars or more.

  5. Even broke teenage kids can afford 1 dollar per day, for an iPhone.

    Android has 85% world market share, and is very strong in America and Western Europe too.

    Savvy people don’t buy a locked-down, dumbed-down iPhone from a company that’s headed by a fruit loop sodomite.

  6. Headed nowhere under a CEO who’s vision is making more and more money at every chance!

  7. Hahahaha and a fake azz MBA wanna be loser like you would be in the same boat if mommy and daddy weren’t buying your iToys for ya…

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