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Apple Pencil With Microsoft’s Digital Inking Features In MS Office On iPad Pro


Microsoft is really proving what it can do. Rather than staying restricted within the walls in Redmond, the company has decided to take things to a completely different level.

Starting from Android and the Office access, right up to this new feature we are talking about today, there have been made changes that have made the Office apps a really good attachment to the whole package.

Well today, the development that we are about to see will be the optimization of the Office apps for iOS so that the Apple pencil, which is the Stylus used for the largetst iPad manufactured, the iPad Pro. This 12 inch product is complete with the help of the Apple pencil.

Although there are umpteen number of reasons why you should by the iPad Pro, this happens to be by far the most important one.

You might be thinking that the Apple pencil is not important for Office, there are people of the view that it is an separable part of the whole game.

Despite there being no need of actually ‘drawing’ on the document, the Apple pencil is still going to benefit from this feature, particularly because the features would include the ability to highlight text, to comment to selected texts or to turn on Track Changes which would allow all the changes to be highlighted.

Making annotations is also very easy here. You’ll simply need to tap the draw tab and then proceed with selecting the pencil or the marker.

After this, you can underline or highlight the same. This is a very important aspect for people who use iPads to study, especially for studying.

The students can make notes while the lecture is still on and can underline the lines he or she feels are more important.

You can even share documents; even if they are marked and scribbled all over. In Power point this feature helps to change straight lines to shapes.

The draw and touch features from the Apple pencil make it work exactly in accordance with the iPad Pro. The Draw with touch option is rather very simple to handle and is responsive.