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Apple, Qualcomm, And Huawei Are Working On Next-Gen SoCs For The Upcoming TSMC 7 nm FinFET CPUs


While the chip production using the 16nm and 12 nm manufacturing process continues to be the main source of income for TSMC, now, the technological progress opens up the roads towards the new 7nm FinFET manufacturing node technology, which is far superior from the point of view of the efficiency and frequencies of operation achieved. Apple, Qualcomm, and Huawei have started working on developing Processor with the new 7 nm FinFET technology.

7 nm CPU Mass Production Will Commence in June

The starting of the new CPU mass production is set for June and the 7 nm FinFET production lines are already reserved for chipset orders for Apple, Qualcomm, and Huawei, with TSMC having an absolute monopoly in this area for at least the next few months.

Simultaneously, TSMC will continue to deliver at a slightly lower cost their chipsets made using the 12 nm manufacturing process, MediaTek having prepared the Helio P60 chipset that integrates facilities for accelerating artificial intelligence algorithms.

Snapdragon 855 Will Also Benefits From The New 7 nm FinFET Technology

Snapdragon 855, the successor of the Spandragon 845 chip used with the Galaxy S9 series phones, will also be part of the first series of chipsets that will benefit from the 7nm FinFET technology manufacturing process.

Probably the first series of devices that will benefit from the new chipsets with 7nm manufacturing process will be launched during this year, most probably in the winter.

The New 7 nm FinFET CPUs To Increase TSMC Sales

Firstly, the new technology will increase the sales for the TSMC, which is already expecting to see an increase of $3.2 billion in March in the sales of the CPU made with 16 nm and 12 nm manufacturing technologies.

When the new 7 nm FinFET manufacturing technology will commence for mass production, TSMC will increase the sales even more as it has already established partnerships.

Besides Apple, Qualcomm, and Huawei, TSMC will also sell the new CPUs to HiSilicon and Xilinx.

Also, the new 7 nm FinFET CPUs will be faster.

In conclusion, Apple, Qualcomm, and Huawei are already working on Next-Gen SoCs for the upcoming 7 nm FinFET technology CPUs the TSMC will mass produce starting with June.