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Apple Sells Cheapest and Most Expensive iPhones in India


India is the most unique and dominant market these days if we talk in terms of an iPhone 6S which is the most expensive iPhone in the country and the iPhone 5S which was launched in 2014 is the most cheapest iPhone today if you are looking for.

Two months after launching the world’s most costly iPhone 6S Plus in India, Apple has cut the prices for iPhone 5S in the country, making it one of the cheapest segments of the model anywhere in the country.

iPhone 5S prices in India now starts at $370 (Rs.24,999), almost half of its Price $665(Rs 44,500) in September .

And if you buy online like at Amazon and Flipkart you can buy at much cheaper price.

Apple has made the price so less for iPhone 5S in three months, to boost up the sales as 2015 is about to end.

Most of the Apple gadgets cost people much high in comparsion with international markets because of steep import duties.

According to the reports, in India the consumers are very price conscious in comparsion to US where price elasticity is very low and the sales are steady and continous.

The iPhone 5S is the best selling iPhone in India and half of the company is making profit out of this model.

According to research, there are an 1.2 million users estimated of iPhone 5/5S, out of the 3.5 million iPhone users in India.

The reason why Apple cut down the prices of iPhone 5S is to enter into the mid-range segment of smartphones, as sales of iPhone 6 and 6S declined due to heavy demand during diwali period.

But still this move by apple will not increase or boost up the share of Apple in a fast way.

Overall ,a consumer when plans to buy iPhone the main thing in the consumer mind is the brand thing or we can say status symbol, but this move of Apple by cutting the price down of 5S may erode Apple’s brand value for a couple of time.

We can’t say anything over this, may this move by Apple may increase their sales through this mid segment value phone and might give a tough competition to other brands.

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