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Apple to Release 4 inched iPhone SE on March 21 – Know the Details


Apple has been a company which has consistently been coming out with some of the latest updates and upgrades in the world of technology.

The company has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades and has changed the way the markets work in the world of technology. Apple has managed to bring around a major change in the way we perceive our devices to be.

The company was led by the late, great Steve Jobs for a long time, and under his guidance, the company prospered and many such major innovative changes were made. Steve Jobs was a visionary who knew that the only way to move forward in the markets was with the help of innovation.

The iPhone devices have been innovating over time, and Apple is all set to launch their latest innovation in the form of the 4 inched iPhone SE which is expected to release during their event on the 21st of March.

The device has been speculated to be coming out since quite a long time now, and Apple has been working on changing the market trends once again, by going back to the original 4 inched screen size.

The device was earlier expected to be named the iPhone 6c, then 7c, rumors than had it as the 6se, the 5e and the 5d, until it was finally settled at the iPhone 5SE. The company has now decided to drop the number from it and name it the iPhone SE.

Apple’s iPhone SE comes out into the markets as one of the hottest properties in the world of technology, and it is expected to feature a 4 inched screen, and run on a A9 processor. The device is expected to look much like the iPhone 5S, and is being anticipated to come out with a smaller battery, 1600mAh in size. The device is expected to feature a 16GB storage space.

Other rumors that surround the iPhone SE device have been those of the device not supporting the latest features such as the 3D Touch and the ability to take live photos. Apple is expected to release the iPhone SE running on the latest version of the iOS, iOS 9.3.

At the same event, Apple is also expected to release the 9.7 inched iPad Air 3 along with the iPhone SE. The company is also expected to show off new bands for the Apple Watch.