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Apple To Release iPad Air 3, iPhone 5SE on 15th of March


Apple has been one of the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology.

The company has been coming out with regular updates and upgrades regarding their products, and the latest that we hear from them indicates that the company is now working on the latest generation of the iPad Air devices, as well as a smaller iPhone.

There have been several rumours regarding these two products coming out, and the latest development that has happened has given us a date as well. Apple is releasing the iPad Air 3 and the iPhone 5SE on the ides of March! The day Caesar fell.

The 15th of March date is being reported by popular website 9to5Mac which covers many major Apple stories and is quite a credible source of information in the world of Apple devices.

Here is a look at the iPhone 5SE and the iPad Air 3:

iPad Air 3:

The iPad Air 3 is one of the hottest upcoming names in the world of technology. Apple has kept the release of this device quite a secret and the little that we know about it comes from a leaked cover-case design.

The iPad Air 3 features a 3.5mm jack, much to the users worry, who were worrying over the rumours that Apple is doing away with the port. The device also features flash with their camera, as well as a 4-speaker setup, which was earlier seen in the iPad Pro.

The similarities with the iPad Pro do not end there, as it is now being expected that the iPad will also be featuring the smart-connector which was earlier seen in the larger, iPad Pro device.

iPhone 5SE:

Apple, with their latest iPhone are expected to release a smaller device, which would be a 4 inched iPhone. The iPhone 5SE has earlier been reported to be coming out under various names, such as the iPhone 6c, iPhone 5e or the iPhone 7c.

However as of this moment the 5SE name has stuck for a while, and the SE is expected to stand for Special Edition.

The iPhone 5SE is also expected to come out with the A8 processor, as well as 16GB of storage and a smaller, 1642mAh battery.

The phone is expected to feature many of the design elements from the latest devices. The iPhone 5SE will also feature the touchID sensor. The device will however, not be supporting the 3D Touch functionality.


  1. one site suggested the new 5se or budget phone will start at $499 .. only in the applehead world is that a budget price…

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