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Apple to Release iPhone 5SE, iPad Air 3 On 15th March – know the specs


Masters of innovation and product design in the world of hardware technology, Apple has been coming out with a large number of improvements in their devices over the last few years.

The company has been making changes which help differentiate each apple product from the other. They are now all set to come out with their latest batch of devices, the iPhone 5SE and the iPad Air 3.

The release date of these devices has been under quite a controversy off late, and the company has been under a major speculation regarding the release date of their devices.

However, the scene is now becoming quite clear, as it is being expected that Apple’s latest devices will be getting a release on the 15th of March.

This report comes from 9to5mac, which has been a leading authority in the markets of Apple devices.

Apple has been working hard towards the devices, and following is the summary of the iPad Air 3 and the iPhone 5SE:

iPhone 5SE:

iPhone 5SE has been speculated to release under various names, and is one of the most awaited Apple releases.

The phone comes with a 4 inched screen, and features many design elements similar to the previous releases, as the body looks quite similar to the 6s devices as per reports.

The phone is expected to feature an A8 processor with 16GB of storage, and is expected to release with a 1642mAh battery.  The iPhone 5SE has been named so as SE stands for Special Edition.

The device is expected to feature rounded corners and a TouchID sensor as well.

iPad Air 3:

Apple’s iPad Air 3 has been a device which has been kept quite a secret by the company but leaks pertaining to its size and structure have been witnessed online on the basis of its cover cases.

Of what we have seen from those leaks the iPad Air 3 comes out with a 9.7 inched screen, and seeks many inspirations from the iPad Pro which released late last year.

The iPad Air 3, like the iPad Pro features a 4 speaker setup, and sports a ‘smart connector’, the use of which is yet unknown in this device.

The iPad Air 3 is also expected to be the first device under the iPad ‘Air’ branding to release with camera flash.

The device is also expected to feature the 3.5mm jack amid the rumours of Apple doing away with it.