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Apple to release iPhone 5SE, iPad Air 3 on March 15


Apple has been under several speculations and rumours that they are soon coming out with their next-gen devices in the upcoming months.

March, especially has been rounded up as the month the company is likely to feature their latest releases – the iPad Air 3, which comes in as the gen-next iPad, and the iPhone 5SE, which is quite a step back from the iPhone 6s devices, but a marvel in itself.

The dates of the release of these devices were under a major mystery, till 9to5mac, one of the leading authorities about everything that is Apple, has now commented that the devices will be launching on the 15th of March during an Apple keynote event which will shortly be announced.

Following is what we know about the two devices so far based on the various leaks and speculations that have taken place on the internet –

  1. iPhone 5SE:

Apple iPhone 5SE is expected to come out with a 4 inched screen. It is a device which has been under a major debate from various sources, each claiming that it releases with a different name. The company is expected to have it released as the iPhone 5SE, despite the rumors of iPhone 6c, iPhone 7c, iPhone 5e coming up.

The SE in the name stands for special edition. The device is expected to feature 16GB of storage, along with the aforementioned 4 inched screen size, as well as a smaller battery.

The phone is not expected to carry some of the latest features like the 3D touch and the live photos. The body of the phone is expected to be quite similar to the iPhone 6s and 6s plus, with curved corners and a touch ID sensor in the center.

  1. iPad Air 3:

iPad Air 3 has been another name that has been expected to release with the iPhone 5SE on the 15th of March. The company is expected to release the iPad Air 3 with 9.7 inches of screen size. The device is expected to bring in the flash feature to the iPad Air series for the first time.

Also, this will mark two features quite similar to the iPad Pro – a four-speaker setup, which will help the device with a dynamic audio output, as well as a smart-connector, which was also a part of the iPad Pro device. As of now this is all we know about the device. Additional reports have claimed it will also feature the 3.5mm jack.

More details are expected to unravel as the ides of March nears.