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Apple TV Apps Install Available From Your Mobile or PC


Apple keeps on improving their TV operating system in hopes of improving their user experience. The 4th generation of Apple TV design makes it look like a simple black box, but inside the black box there can be found hardware similar to the ones iPhone 6 uses. The Apple TV basically converts any non smart TV to a smart one.

The new update Apple rolled out to their TV operating system is now allowing its users to install apps on their Apple TV using an iOS device or a PC that has iTunes installed on it. The same way an Android user can start app downloads using the Google Play Store website, users of iOS devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone can initiate app downloads on the Apple TV by using the App Store from the iOS device. For example if the user chooses to buy or download an app that is Apple TV exclusive, a notification will pop up informing the user that the app is going to be downloaded straight on the Apple TV.

This new feature is going to make Apple TV owners life easier. If the iOS user sees an Apple TV app on the App store, he can just read the reviews, check out the screenshots to see if he likes the app and just press the download button and the next time they will open their Apple TV the new app will be installed there. This is going to make Apple TV life easier because they do not have to use the Siri Remote to check out apps ratings and download them.

This new feature has been implemented by Apple to their TV operating systems since September. We can expect that Apple is going to be releasing new updates every now then to improve the user experience for Apple TV’s.



  1. Don’t forget Pluto TV! Dozens of free exclusive HD channels including News 24/7, After School Cartoons, the CNET channel, The Surf Network, Classic Movies, IGN, The Onion, and more 🙂

  2. I downloaded pluto tv for my apple tv and it has never worked. How do I delete it to try downloading it again?

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  4. Great list! The discovery of new apps on the ATV currently is just as horrible as on the Mac AppStore.

    I’m puzzled that you cannot purchase apps for your iOS, ATV or Mac through the Web version of the various AppStore sites and remotely initiate the download to your device (like on Android, Xbox Live and PSN). Could make it so much easier and consumer friendly

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