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Apple TV Improvements and Changes will Make it a Better TV Viewing Experience for Users


Apple TV when it was first launched, was in the throes of competition. This device has since then grown a lot.

Especially after the launch of a second version that is Apple TV . Apple TV has undergone a major upgrade which happens to be the first time after the 2012 unveiling happened.

It it comes with new operating system which is known as TV OS and has been launched by apple to make use of this device comfortable.

In the Apple TV 2 the device does not have too many outer changes. The internal features off this device is much better than the previous generation.Siri is now available on the Apple TV in the form of the siri remote.

The Apple TV we are discussing now is a member of the fourth generation of the series. With the TV OS in place a lot of new features would be added to the interface of this device.

You will be able to search for things with the help of Siri but also make it easier for you to follow the features that you actually wants to test.

However, experts have commented that the TV o a still need a lot of improvement. It looks like it had been finished in a hurry and there are a lot of things that need to be added in the OS.

Certain developers were also allowed to access the Apple TV platforms so that they could build more apps for this OS. Recent development since the Apple TV and the TV OS have made it possible for users to have the anomaly Complex features to be simplified and put forth, making it more palatable for users.

A lot of new patches have already fixed the bags that were seen in the software and now the company is a little more open towards letting developers work on the OS.

Another major flow of the TV OS when it was launched, did not have the ability to have the words that you mentioned typed out of the screen. But with the newest TV OS 9.2 update, the OS will now be able to support text typed out on the screen as well.

Other features state that the device is going to be able to search for content faster and find you more shows and movies which would be conducive to your taste.

I cloud photos libraries and life photos have also been made available for these devices.