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Apple TV New Updates Come With Podcasts App


Apple TV recently received a new update labeled as tvOS 9.1.1. Not too many changes have been brought about with this update but the interface looks like it has become more responsive and is faster. It also looks cleaner than before.

These changes are only very minor and will be visible only if you look very closely. But the most easy to identify change that you see with new tvOS 9.1.1 update is the addition of a new Podcast app.

The previous versions of Apple TV also had the Podcast app but its launched was delayed to give importance to other features.

If you know how Podcast works on iOS then you will be able to use the new app very easily. It generally comes with only couple of categories. One pertains to yours subscription and the other is the main directory for the Podcast.

This comes into handy for those users who have the Apple TV application full of subscriptions.

These users can use iCloud to sink their Podcast data and can view all their favorite Podcast in one place.  This of course aims at video Podcast which users generally want to see on TV.

There are some bad patches in the app, though. In case a Podcast is not completed this application can not help Apple to sink your position.

This is a bad feature because some Podcast are really long and people cannot listen to the full thing in one go.

Instead of picking up from where the user had left the Podcast begins to play all over again which makes it frustrating for the user. Podcast can be played in the background but they cannot be paused to resume; once paused you will have to start it all over again.

As of now users will have to deal with these short comings because it seems like further updates or fixes can only be possible once the tvOS 9.2 is launched.

There is no news on when that is going to happen, but when it does the home screen will let create folders for apps and the interface will let the users switch between application.

The new updates launched each time slowly take care of issues and these problems will also be addressed.