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Apple Unveils New iMessage Editing Features In Upcoming iOS 16 Update

Credit: Unsplash

This week, Apple conducted its WWDC 2022 ceremony, and its new iPhones and iOS 16 were the main attractions. One software update that has been requested by the public for a prolonged time is expected to be included in the next version.

Specifically, all iPhones that are updated to the recently unveiled iOS 16 os and the updated edition of Apple’s authorized iMessage program will be able to edit and unsend texts, in addition to flagging conversation threads marked “unread” for reference purposes. These updates were made possible by Apple. Of course, such functionalities will be subject to various restrictions in order to guard against misuse.

As thrilling as the M2 chip announcement was, the capability to modify, unsend, and label text threads for future reference is a long overdue function that will no doubt come in useful in the real world. In terms of the feature’s limits, Apple has said that customers may update and remember their texts for fifteen min after transmitting them, while erased messages can be recovered for approximately to 30 days if they have been erased.

In addition to helping users to better control their conversations even when they make mistakes as well as other errors, Apple plans to implement thread labeling to iMessage with the release of iOS 16. The new capability should eliminate any concern that an Apple user would neglect to reconnect to an essential thread in iMessage while playing Fortnite on something like a new iPhone.

Apple appears to be stepping up its working to establish its products as accessible and user-friendly as possible in light of speculations that the company would soon begin offering iPhone subscriptions.