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Apple Watch And Siri Can Help You In Emergency Situations


The Apple watch is one of the most mobile and handy technical devices that Apple has ever created. But all is not confined to mobility or ease of handling; there are other feature of Apple watch that can be really important for us in our daily lives.

Perhaps the most important help that one can get from a device would be in cases of emergency when a person needs the most help.

Leaving our parents our elderly grandparents alone at home can sometimes be stressful; you never know when and accident might be fall them at home.

If you had to face an accident like this where you simply slipped and fell and broke a leg  at home while you are alone you would need some mechanism to help you alert others. This is where the Apple watch could come into help.

The Apple watch is combined with Siri, the voice assistant from Apple who can understand your commends and can execute actions similarly.

With this you can simply instruct Siri to call a family member or a friend who might be close by and get help immediately. If everything else fails you can call the emergency services to help you through the situation.

This is something that could help the elderly as well. Most of them are pretty scared to use modern technology but talking to a device should not be much difficult. This can help the elderly to seek your help should they come into such problems.

This is not the only help one can expect from Siri or from Apple watch. You can easily find out these important features once you start using the device.

For all the important help that Apple watch could provide you there is but one important component, Siri.

Siri can analyze your voice, take commands and execute these actions which will be available simply by the tap of the Apple watch face.

You can receive calls while driving just by one tap or even if you do  not want to speak with any one while on road, you will at least know who is calling because you will se the name and number on the watch face.

Not only can this help in reducing chances of accidents, this can also help in answering calls that might really need your attention immediately.