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Apple’s 4 inch iPhone Could Just Be An Updated Version Of The iPhone 5S – Leaks Confirm


The Apple’s 4 inch iPhone that was being rumored for so long seems to have taken a new turn with the kind of leaks that are now coming into the picture.

When we had first reported the device, we had been sure that the device was an iPhone 6C and would bear features of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S, like an A9 processor, a 2GB RAM, a high powered camera and a high internal memory.

However, new leaks have surfaced and have given this a completely new turn.

According to the reliable website, MacRumors, the Chinese website cnBeta has reported that the new iPhone 4 inch phone would be a completely new phone, namely the iPhone 5e.

As per the reports, the device will be more like the 2014 devices rather than the 2015 ones.

The iPhones would bear an A8 processor and have 1GB RAM. Yes, this is disheartening, but that is the way it is.

But yes, it’s just a leak, and we cannot really say what is the truth unless we see the real device.

This does have some significance, given that the device is being launched at a time when the iPhones are actually growing in size.

The world in looking up at the big – so the small wouldn’t make place into the Flagships.

Of course, this would be the better for the device, as the device would also have a lower price tag. Cheaper iPhones would sell like hot cakes, further boosting the popularity of iOS against Android.

Lower RAM should not be a very big problem as the phone is smaller and would be laced with the iOS9, which would be great in RAM management.

Cheap is possible, because as per the reports, the kind of internal specifications would mean the investment to make it is lesser.

For example, the device may be using an LPDDR3 that is a cheaper option as compared to the LPDDR4, which is new and expensive.

Similarly, the 1GB memory is a cheaper option for the users.

Of course, the phones would support features like Apple Pay, so you would be on the same page as the users of the larger iPhones if you buy the device.