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Apple’s European Ventured Have Generated Many Jobs – Will It Make Trump Happy?


Apple has been amidst a lot of flak from Donald Trump, who has chided the multinational company for focusing on countries like China for manufacturing needs. Its expansion into Ireland for production has also been a source of discontent for the politician.

To make matters worse, the company just strengthened its bond with the European continent this morning by announcing the launch of a brand new app development centre in Italy.

Application development was a road less travelled by most people in the world until about a couple of years ago, when the demand for smartphones suddenly saw a boom.

App developers at that point were very few and the situation in terms of mobile code writers was also bad because there were too few of them, compared to the sudden surge that was seen.

Along these lines the App development centre seems to be a very wise business decision.

The centre is going to be located at Naples and will be dedicated not only to app development but also to educating more people in a practical way to become good iOS developers.

According to the insiders this centre will use special methods of teaching and a lot of practical experience will be provided. It will not be surprising to see thousands of developers with great development skills walk out of the centre.

According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. Italy was chosen to be the location for the centre because Europe apparently has the most creative developers in the world.

Almost 1.4 million people are employed directly and indirectly by Apple in Europe, which is a really huge amount.

Further, some part of the production may be shifted to Ireland soon, which will help the company gain through tax benefits.

This of course, would not be a very good feeling for Donald Trump. The company has attracted his discontent already, and he has threatened to go all the way to make sure that Apple starts making its ‘damn computers and other things’ within the US boundaries.

Perhaps this is correct in one way – the jobs it is creating around the world could have been created within US to employ more people. Seemingly, Apple is more interested in expanding its base globally than to feel patriotic, something that will make Trump angry, very angry.