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Apple’s iBoot Source Code Got Leaked – A Fastboot for iOS Devices


There’s been a huge leak on the web today, which has put every iPhone on the market in danger in terms of security. The good news is that this leak could help the jailbreaking developers to have access to modifications in the deepest corners of the system, so it means we could tweak it some more!

It’s the Real Deal

ZioShiba, a GitHub user, has posted the iBoot source code for iOS 9.3 and soon had to take it down after Apple has made a DMCA request. There are no details on how ZioShiba got the iBoot source code, but after seeing it, we’re certain it’s the real deal. The iBoot source code might have been out in the wild web for about 4 months.

What Does iBoot Do?

iBoot is part of the operating system that will enable the secure boot chain. This means that it will check the iPhone is properly loading its OS every time you turn on the phone. It’s the same as the Fastboot on the Android OS, or the BIOS on Windows.

So, since the iBoot is out there in the open cyber space, anyone could reverse engineer it and try to bypass the secure boot chain. Even though we’re looking at an iBoot for the iOS 9.3, it doesn’t mean that the loopholes or workarounds would be useless for the latest iOS versions.

With a hack like this, anyone could bypass the security measures from Apple and unlock your phone with it. But for the jailbreaking community, if the iBoot source code gets to the right people, the hack would be used to a deeper jailbreak of your iPhone to the point where you could load up custom OS files instead of iOS.

Moreover, with Apple’s huge bounty for those that find critical bugs in iBoot – up to $200,000! – programmers could dig inside the leaved source code and help Apple with adding more patches to the next iBoot and make iPhones more secure.

Apple hasn’t officially confirmed or commented on the iBoot getting leaked. But it’s an obvious confirmation when they reacted so fast and asked GitHub to take down links with propriety and confidential data through the DMCA request.