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Apple’s iOS 9.3 Beta Update – What Features Are We going To Get?


As usual  as Apple always keeps on updating their products, now they have again made a smart move after launching their new handset iPhone6S and iPhone6S Plus, by providing the world with their updated operating system that is, iOS 9.3 beta.

This release was made in only after couple of days after they had released beta version to the public. On launching of iOS 9.3, Apple has also made available iOS 9.2.1 to the public on testing purpose.

However there is a clause which determines which devices will be eligible for the update. Only the users who have signed up for beta testing program can have access to this updated version.

Beta testing users will receive a notification over the air on their handsets for upgrade to iOS 9.3.

The users those who have not yet signed up for beta testing program are still invited from the company to take part.

Signing up to this program will be definitely a smart move for most iPhone and iPad users, as they can enjoy the advanced iOS 9.3 with new features, without any hassles.

Here are some exciting features which have been enhanced in the iOS 9.3:

The most exciting feature which will excite you is the ‘Night Shift Mode’.  It basically adjust the color and contrast of the screen automatically while operating at night.

This feature the blue light and increase the yellow light while operating at night which gives you a clear look during the low light time. Another attractive and exciting enhancement  that has been done is “3D Touch Quick Action”.

It allows you to interact with several applications like Weather, Health , Stock App and others.

It also always you to lock any application with your unique touch screen password which can prevent your privacy with your important things such as PIN number, bank account number and passwords, and others.

Various other smaller features have also been introduced, but these features might not be very conspicuous.

All these updated applications can be experienced only by upgrading to beta version which will grant a refreshing change to the overall user experience.

Once you go through this beta testing phase the new polished updated full version will available to you after the process completes.