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Apple’s iPhone 7 allegedly leaked in Early Images – Know the Details


Apple has been a company which has been coming out with update after update in recent times. The company has been introducing many updates and upgrades for their devices.

The latest that we hear from Apple tells us that the company has been working on their upcoming releases – the iPhone SE and iPad Air 3, both of which are expected to roll out on the 21st of March.

Apple is all set to add more innovations to their offerings, and while the devices which are coming out on the 21st are minor updates and upgrades to the existing devices. The company is now working on their latest offering, which will come out in the month of September, the iPhone 7.

We covered the expected features of the device at length in a previous story, interested readers can take a look at the incredible features that are expected from the iPhone 7 device by clicking HERE.

In latest news, it has been reported by various media websites that a new image has been leaked, which is allegedly that of the iPhone 7.

As we had earlier stated in our previous article, the iPhone 7 is expected to come out into the markets with a feature that has not been seen in the world of iPhone devices before – a dual camera!

Apple is expected to introduce a device with dual cameras, and that can be seen by the images that have recently leaked. This photograph has been shared by Chinese website Bastille Post. The image that has now leaked shows us a closer look at how the device looks like.

The leaked iPhone 7 image shows us dual cameras trapped behind a single glass, and instead of the traditional settings where the cameras are a little far apart from each other, the cameras here are next to each other.

There are conflicting reports regarding both iPhones carrying a dual camera, as there are many which say that only the iPhone 7 plus (which is the image that has been leaked) will carry dual cameras, while others have been claiming that both the phones will come out with dual cameras.

The device is seen with dots for smart connectors at the bottom of the device. Interestingly, as stated in our previous article, the device does not have the 3.5mm port as well, and is exactly 1mm thinner than the iPhone 6s, as predicted by us.