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Apple’s Way Of Ascertaining Legit Home Button Replacements – Error 53


Saving a little money in order to repair your iPhone home button buy going to an unauthorized repair centre Court cost you your device.

Apple has now come up with the way to make sure that you get that home button replaced from an official Apple centre. It has done this by causing error 53 on its devices, that run on iOS 9.

The error 53 first showed up on Friday when thousands of iPhone users  suddenly found that they were not able to unlock the iPhones any more.

On further investigation it was found that all of the users who faced this problem were those that had once faced  home buttons issues and instead of going to Apple to replace this they had done the replacements from my local store that was not authorised by apple.

Very smartly apple cause the Error 53 to crop up on these devices and all the users with him legal home buttons for using iOS 9 devices was locked out of their phones and there was no way to unlock it. This is being done to ensure that all the home buttons that are put on the Apple devices are authentic.

Mini have seen this move as apples way of monopolizing service. But this is not something that Kappel is doing in order to increase sales.

The touch id future is extremely important for Apple users because apart from simply unlocking the device is the touch id is responsible for protecting the credit card details data stored in the users Apple pay. Illegally sort home buttons could be prone to more security risks and these data could easily be hacked from the users phones.

Although this would cost you anything between dollar 269 and dollar 329, it is a price worth paying for your security. You would not really like to put a $5,000 bills when your Apple pay details are mysterious Lee heart because of an illegally put home button.

The reason why this is a very important is also because Apple does not store any of the customers personal details on IT services like Singer prince all credit card details. It is all their store right on your device if your device gets hat there is no way you can retrieve the data.

I’m your phone your fingerprints would be placed in a sort of vault known as the secure Enclave which cannot be opened or broken by Apple or by any other phone.

Any of the unauthorized Apple replacement that you do could get you a faulty touch id sensor that would automatically be able to link your device to the hackers computer and all your details could be compromised. In lieu of this we can say that in error 53 is like a blessing in disguise.