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Apps Will Stop Auto-Installing On Android Wear 2.0



The new Android Wear 2.0 keeps on bringing new updates that keep user up to date and happy, but rumors about a new feature change might upset some of the Android 2.0 users.

At the moment Android Wear 2.0 has a system that automatically installs apps for Android Wear to match the ones that the user has on their phone. According to a statement made from one of the developers for Google Android, Android Wear 2.0 will stop from automatically installing apps and will require a standalone application for the phone and watch.

The developer said in his statement that a Wear 2.0 user will be able to get his apps from Google’s Play Store. The apps will get full network access so they can be installed separately from the handheld app. Another Google Android Wear 2.0 developer stated that Google intends to bring technical support for the new upcoming standalone app installation.

Ian Lake, another developer that works at Google said that they are making this change to the Wear 2.0 because of the feedback they have received. Saying that most of the users prefer to control what apps they have installed on their watches and phones, and they would prefer the Wear 2.0 to stop automatically install apps for them.

To make the transition easier, the developers are going to put the apps you have installed on your phone already at the top of the list in the upcoming Wear Play Station, so the user does not have to search too much to find what he is looking for.

The main problem and concern with this new upcoming change is that developers must start updating their apps for Android Wear 2.0 devices. The apps that Android Wear 1.0 uses will not work on Wear 2.0. In a developer preview, Android 2.0 allowed users to install APK’s, but they won’t get any new updates to those apps after the installation. To be able to receive new updates the apps must be installed through the Play Store route.

Developers of different apps will probably not put much of their time to adapt to this change, and many apps will fall off. In a way this might be a good thing for the users, because what apps are going to appear next will be made especially for watches and not just an app that Android will automatically install.

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  1. This is good for iPhone users with AndroidWear. They will be able to install apps without having to sideload.

  2. That sounds like a horrible idea. What probably the biggest reason I like Android Wear over the Apple Watch. I don’t want an app store on my watch.

  3. It’s already there on the site. If you have a wear 2 watch then it will show as an available device.

  4. Uhh… you do realize the Apple Watch also automatically installs/uninstalls just like Android Wear does now right?

  5. You’re actually given the option to automatically install apps which are compatible when you set up your Apple Watch and there’s a toggle to disable Automatic App install after that.

  6. But I hate that my phone apps automatically install their Wear apps onto my watch without giving me the choice and I can’t remove them from my watch.

  7. I completely agree with you on that. But I think that these companies are trying to turn smartwatches into their own platform the way Samsung has done with Gear/Tizen, though. That rotating bezel and more full-fledged apps on the Gear S3 don’t have much competition.

  8. Maybe I’m just confused with your comment, but on the Apple Watch all apps get automatically installed.

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