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‘Arcane’ Showrunner Updates Fans on Season 2


Arcane from League of Legends is at the top of the list of the various animated depictions of the gaming industry for having successfully combined superb animation with compelling content.

The story centered on Jinx and Vi ended the first season of Arcane on a true cliffhanger, so fans have been eagerly awaiting news about season two.

Christian Linke, the showrunner in charge of the impending second season, has provided a significant update on the work being done in the background.

Arcane Season 2’s release date was recently announced as 2023, however Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent’s announcement disappointed many fans of the show.

The spin-off’s much anticipated upcoming season won’t be available on Netflix in 2023, Laurent informed fans earlier this year.

Arcane will probably resurface on the streaming site in 2024, but given the caliber of the animation thus far, fans may be willing to forgive this.

About the wait, Laurent said that “It isn’t ready yet and there [are] 2 reasons for that. One, you want the quality. We just do not want to rush and so that takes time. So that is the good reason. The bad reason is, honestly, we did not know if Season 1 was going to be a success so we did not start Season 2 until [later]. If I’d known, we could’ve started Season 2 way earlier. But we didn’t know so we waited a bit and now we are paying the price. So, unfortunately, it isn’t going to be this year.”

The soundtrack for the second season of Arcane was alluded to by the showrunner, Christian Linke, who was obviously looking forward to selecting the music for the project.

The members of the band Imagine Dragons contributed to one of the most popular songs of the first season.

It will be interesting to see if Enemy serves as the opening theme once more for season 2 or if a different song is selected.