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Are Online Casino Games A Legitimate Form of Online Entertainment?


Since ancient times, people have played games of chance and gambled in order to win easy money. Not everyone was lucky, but the obsession for easy wealth made many caused rampant bankruptcy, because they sold all of their prized possessions in a desperate attempt to win back their investment. In modern times, casinos became the new attraction, especially in Las Vegas, which had over 42 million visitors in 2015. It’s popular enough that almost everyone knows the famous line, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Many non-US citizens are dreaming of spending one night in Las Vegas, but they must settle for their local casinos or play games online. Virtual casinos are a few clicks away and they’re very similar in terms of plays and wager, but it’s possible to win higher payback percentages than in land-based casinos.

There are many online casinos offering higher payback percentages for slot machine games and gamblers can find payout percentage audits on their websites. Blackjack and similar table games have an established house edge, but basically, these websites are using a programmed random number generator and the payout percentage is established by the rules of each game.

The amount of options for online casinos can be overwhelming. Here at News4C, we recently decided to try our hand at playing some and have been addicted to a game called Daredevil.

Daredevil is a popular slot game created by Playtech which can be played for free. It was inspired by the Marvel Movies super hero, whose name is Matt Murdock and has a goal: to avenge his father’s death. It will very hard and challenging, because he lost his eyesight due to contact with a radioactive substance and he can’t fight like “normal” heroes. Players will notice that his eyes look like animated smoky blue clouds and in the game, Daredevil will be represented by the “wild” symbol, while the scatter symbol will be associated with the Daredevil Logo. Our hero has two big enemies: Bullseye and the Kingpin, and a partner named Elektra, and all three characters have symbols on the reels. Sais and the Batons are Daredevil’s weapons, while high value symbols such as Ace to Nine make their appearances on the reel occasionally.

How To Play Daredevil

How To Play Daredevil 

The game is very easy to play and the adventure begins after clicking on “Click to start”, placing the bet and spinning the reels. The game exists in 5-reel format with 20 paylines (each payline = up to 10 coins) and players have the possibility to win bonus features, such as Bulls’ eye, which could give them three times the value of the initial bet if they will predict where the face of the bullseye will land. The Free Games Bonus will be triggered when three or more Scatter symbols will appear on the reels and players will be given ten free games and they’ll enjoy random wilds. After spinning the reels, all 0 to 3 symbols will be turned into wild symbols, except for the scatter symbol and if players will have a scatter win, they will be paid before the random symbols will be added. In case of a line win, players will need to wait until the random symbols will be added.

Compared to other Marvel-related titles, Daredevil has higher quality graphics  so gambling truly feels like playing a video game. Players have more chances to win smaller prizes, and there are also bigger prizes offered during free spins.

Most importantly, while playing, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re beating up bad guys.