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Are You Guys Dependent on Facebook?


As we all know Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site, where we make new friends and connect with our family and friends, it provide the users to create their own profile, add image, send and accept friend requests and many other features too like photo tagging and sharing and many more things to do.

The reason why we have a tendency to use Facebook determines our level of dependency thereon, as per reports associate to American study. People who used it to satisfy new individuals or love meeting new friends were the foremost hooked in to it.

Why does one use Facebook? To scan the news, play games, consider comments on your posts, or create new friends? If the solution to any of those is affirmative, you’ll have Facebook dependency, says a brand new Yankee (American) study.

Amber Ferris, associate Professor of communication at The University of Akron, says that a lot of we have a tendency to use Facebook to attain our goals, a lot of people hooked in to it who have a tendency to become.

To find out the explanations for Facebook dependency, the researchers studied 301 users aged between eighteen and sixty eight, who atleast post the comments atleast once in a month.

The study showed that the folks that see Facebook as some way of understanding themselves higher endure the location to satisfy new individuals and obtain attention from others. These individuals have agreeable personalities however lower vanity than others. “They place confidence in feedback from Facebook friends in order to raise and perceive themselves,” Dr Ferris said as per reports.

The researchers additionally found a link between the requirement to go looking for data or recreation (such as concepts for going out/leisure activities) and developing an important dependence on the location.

The study additionally discovered that the foremost positive posts came from individuals with high vanity. They are doing this to remain connected with individuals they already recognize and to urge attention from others. “This makes plenty of sense. If you’re pleased with your life, you’re a lot of possible to need to share that happiness with others on social media,” Ferris commented.

And additionally said that individuals or the users who use Facebook to meet up or to make new people as their friends, tend to be extroverts, communicate personal data simply on the net however don’t seem to be continuously honest within the information or data they disclose.