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Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Expansion Pack Comes with New Improvements


The newest game expansion for Assassin Creed Origins is very much anticipated by gamers worldwide. The Assassin Creed series has been a best-seller in the gaming and it is no wonder that the new expansion is highly anticipated.

What will the new expansion add to the game?

The Curse of the Pharaohs expansion pack is going to add the supernatural aspect to the game that players have been waiting for. What will you have to do? Well, undead rulers will spawn on the map at random intervals and you will have to kill them which not only offers the possibility of interesting missions but also of gaining rewards that will help you advance quicker.

Ubisoft said that this new expansion pack is centered on players having to go to Thebes where they will investigate a very old curse. The focus lies on mythology from Egyptian times and the players having to fight dead Egyptian rulers in order to advance in the game and find out the source of the curse. Just like previous expansion packs, this one will also raise the level cap of the player. The first expansion pack, The Hidden Ones, raised it to level 45 while this one will raise it to 55.

Who is the protagonist of this adventure?

Ubisoft also released a short description of this expansion pack. There they tell us that players will play as Boyek, who is the first Assassin, a man that must battle his way to the top, understand clues and resolve mysteries in order to uncover the founding moment of the Assassin’s Brotherhood. As we have already said, the action will be acted out in Ancient Egypt so the players should expect a rich environment that best embodies the atmosphere of that time.

The Launch Date

The new expansion pack will be launched on the 13th of March this year.