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Astronomers have discovered a unique planet in the universe. It’s only 900 degrees colder than our sun


A newly discovered planet has so high temperatures that it disputes the current definition of a planet.

With daytime temperatures reaching even 4,300 degrees Celsius, the planet KELT-9b is only 900 degrees cooler than our sun and hotter than many stars, writes Science Daily.

The discovery was made by astronomers at Ohio State University and Vanderbilt University and published in the Nature journal.

The planet is a giant gaseous that is 2.8 more massive than Jupiter, but it has half the density of the planet of our solar system. Also, during the day, the planet is bombed by solar radiation, and as a result it gets so hot that molecules of water, carbon dioxide or methane can not form.

The properties of the dark side are still mysterious – theoretically, molecules can form, but only temporarily.

Scott Gaudi, one of the researchers, states that “the atmosphere is different from what we saw on other planets because of temperatures”.

KELT-9b orbits the star called KELT-9, which is twice as big and twice as hot as our sun and which “will turn into a red giant in a billion years”, says Keivan Stassun, one of the researchers.

In the context of many researchers looking for habitable planets, this study seems “against the current”, but discovery is important because it reveals unique features of a planet. Stassun states that “as we seek to develop a complete picture of the variety of other worlds, it is important not only to know how the planets are formed and evolving, but also to the conditions necessary for them to be destroyed”. It is also easy to see that the planet KELT-9b will eventually be destroyed by the solar radiation and the volatility of the star that it revolves around.