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Asus Mobiles To Come With Default Ad-Blockers


Asus is one of the rising mobile manufacturers of the day. Recent reports have said that the phones will now be created in a way that ads would be blocked by default.

The company plans to do this by combining an add blocker into the browser of the phone in such a way that whenever a user tries to access a website his browsing experience will not be compromised with a whole lot of annoying advertisements.

A major factor that moved Asus towards bringing such a revolutionary software change was the array of complaints that were made by users of mobile devices stating that advertisements cropped up in such a way that at times a user had no option but to click them away.

Some users mentioned that they were tricked into clicking the ads by giving them an option to ‘close ‘ the ad where actually the click was resulting into an unwanted download.

These downloads were at times so quick that it would be complete even before the user got into his notifications to cancel it.

Many a times, this software was either an unwanted download or a malware that compromise users security.

Asus made this bold move to combat the ad makers who severely objected to the launch of the ad-block plus in this phone as any user of this phone would not be able to contribute to revenue generation for these companies.

About 15 million users have already preferred to join hands with Asus in this regards. All are harassed with these ads and have to resort to using PC versions of the website in hope that some less ads would be received.

Since these websites are heavier than their mobile versions, users are generally faced with higher data charges especially for those who have more browsing requirements.

Other browsers like Chrome and Firefox do not really come with any default ad blocking application and thus users have to deal with too many ads which actually makes the web pages heavier than usual. Mozilla seems to have been slightly influenced with this move.

It has recently come up with an option to block ads by default.

However this arrangement has been made for those users who are currently on IOS and would have their phone OS activate the ad blocker