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AT&T Unlimited Data is Coming Back Tomorrow – New Plan Announced!


The history of AT&T dates back to the invention of the telephone itself.

The Bell public-service corporation was established in 1879 by Alexander Graham Bell, the artificer of the telephone.

Bell conjointly established American telephone and Telegraph Company in 1885, that non-heritable the Bell public-service corporation and have become the first public-service corporation within U.S.

This company maintained a monopoly on public-service corporation within U.S. till anti-trust regulators split the corporate in 1982.

AT&T Corporation was eventually purchased by one in all its Baby Bells, the previous Southwestern Bell, in 2005 and therefore the combined company became referred to as AT&T INC.

According to the reports, AT&T proclaimed on Monday that they are bringing back its unlimited data plans, with some massive caveats.

It’s solely attending to be obtainable to existing or new DIRECTV or AT&T U-Verse customers, which means or suggests the user further more may ought to take one in all those services so as to sign on for AT&T Unlimited.

Also, users technically get 22GB of Data per line before “AT&T might slow data speeds on it line in periods of network congestion.”

The new A&T Unlimited set up can value $100 per month and every further smartphone additional to the road can value another $40. AT&T says the fourth line will be additional for complimentary.

There’s a reason why AT&T desires to draw in DIRECTV and U-Verse customers, though: it’s targeting that market because those are the customers who are likely to be streaming lots of media content.

The corporate aforesaid this can be simply the primary of “many integrated video and quality supplys” that it’ll offer in 2016, suggesting that folks who have DIRECTV / AT&T U-Verse, and who conjointly take AT&T wireless, can realize new offers within the coming back months.

Finally, there’s incentive for folks who would possibly wish to modify carriers.

AT& T aforesaid “for a restricted time” DIRECTV associate U-Verse TV subscribers who are presently on different carriers will receive “500 in credits after you switch to the AT&T Unlimited set up with an eligible trade in and obtain a smartphone on AT&T Next.”

Now hit the source for additional data regarding the set up, which customers will sign in for starting January 12.


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