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AT&T Unlimited Data Plans Are Back – AT&T Gives Its Users What They Wanted The Most


AT&T is back with its most attractive data plans, the unlimited data plans.

Most data plans are based on the amount of data you consume and gives you only a certain limit, but there are times that you would want to feel the freedom of being able to enjoy data as much as you want to.

Well, if you dream of becoming that heavy internet user, then you might as well jump towards enrollment today, because the telecom giant based out of Dallas would be able to give you just what you want.

However, everything comes with that little asterisk and that tiny message – ‘T&C apply’. Well here too, AT&T has got one major condition – you must also subscribe to its DirecTV or U-Verse TV services. If you fail to do this, then sorry, there will be no unlimited data for you.

This is a major business oriented move by AT&T. The company waited for all other brands to withdraw its unlimited data services and now that the same has been done, it restarted the plan, thus ensuring that the good number of users slowly start migrating to their service.

Popular rivals like Verizon has pulled out all unlimited plans, whereas Sprint and T-Mobile both have unlimited plans at a higher price now.

In this unlimited plan, a user will be able to use fast internet for as long as he uses, provided he is within the limit of 22GB of data.

Should he cross this limit, data consumption will immediately be throttled and the speed will drop for as long as your plan stays valid. 22GB is a lot – if broken down, you can have more than 700 hours of content streaming at high quality with the 22GB Plan.

Don’t be very happy – you will not be able to convert your phone to a Wi-Fi hotspot and use it to provide internet connection to your other devices.

If you want to avail this plan, you’ll be set back by $60 for the data, $40 for each line up to three lines, after which the fourth one goes free.

With a single line only, the price would be $100, for two lines the price would be $140 and this pricing would rise accordingly right up to ten lines, which is the maximum that can benefit in 22GB plan.

Remember to add the $19.99 TV subscription plan or the unlimited data plan would not work.

But this would come down to $10 for the TV line under discount, thus putting the price of one line with TV at $110 only.