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Battlefield 5 Multiplayer Footage Reveals “War Missions”


Dice struck gold when it launched Battlefield 1 last year. The game sent players into World War 1 while Call of Duty, Battlefield’s biggest competitor, decided to take players into the future and this didn’t work too well for Call of Duty. In fact, the trailer for Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare received so many dislikes on YouTube that it became infamous for being hated by players.

World War 2 Theme

Seeing the success that Battlefield had with World War 1, the folks who are in charge of the Call of Duty franchise decided to use World War 2 as their new game’s setting.

The game was well received by fans, especially when compared to Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare, but it seems like Dice has something to say about this since Battlefield 5’s action will also be set during World War 2.

Battlefield 5 Multiplayer Gameplay

Dice attended the recent E3 event and that’s where it decided to unveil gameplay footage of how the multiplayer mode will look in Battlefield 5. This is great news for Battlefield fans since the multiplayer mode is what really matters about the game.

The video trailer gives us a glimpse of what the game’s graphics are going to look like, and we have to admit that Battlefield 5 looks amazing. In addition, the video trailer also highlights one of Battlefield 5’s upcoming features called War Stories

War Stories

The game mode that all Battlefield should be getting excited about is War Stories. This is a multiplayer game mode that puts players in squads and gives them missions such as destroying the enemy cannons.

The fun and challenging thing about these missions is that the enemy players will be able to build in-game walls, trenches and many different buildings around their cannons, thus making them harder to be destroyed.