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BBC Website Under Attack – Services Lost For Almost 5 Hours


The British Broadcasting Center Website and its iPlayer platform were both compromised by a sudden, unexpected DDoS Attack, causing all the broadcasting systems to shut down.

This situation was uncalled for and started at about 7:00 hrs GMT.

The problem caused had widespread effects; almost the services in the who world were completely brought down.

This is because BBC is a widely popular network and has the third highest number of users after Facebook and Google.

As soon as the anomaly went viral, the users who were streaming content from the site started getting error messages.

Similar cases happened even to the BBC insiders, after which the company made a declaration that it had faced some technical issues which were being worked upon.

It however, refrained from accepting that it had become a victim of the distributed denial of service attack.

This was when immediate moves were made to bring the service back online and things were all normal only after a period of at least five hours, within which all content delivery remained suspended.

An analysis of this threat was demanded, in which it was confirmed by internet analysis service ComScore, that the threat lasted exactly from 7:00 hrs GMT to 11:45 GMT after which services were rendered normal.

Akamai, a conent delivery network service provider stated that the number of DDoS attacks had been on a constant rise and that the most frequently attacked websites were generally those that were associated with media and entertainment.

Reports that panned over the whole of the third quarter of 2015, also termed as the State of the Internet security report, was very clear on the facts that proved how the DDoS attacks were causing troubles to the media and entertainment related websites.

Akamai was able to find out that an attack as large as 222 million packets per second (Mpps) DDoS, was noted in 2015 and it was connected to the media and entertainment industries.

Needless to say that such attacks are rather terrible and can cause major troubles to ISPs, since they have the capacity to bring down the links of Tier 1 routers completely.

DDos attacks are generally those that are aimed at disabling the network and causing content transfers to be impaired until proper rectification is done.

The number of attacks is on the rise now, as there are a number of DDoS sites that can analyse which website is vulnerable. These sites can be hired to launch an attack.

As of now, the issues relating to these hacks have been taken care of and BBC sites are functioning normally.