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Beat This Puzzle Game and Win One Bitcoin


The video game industry is filled with huge companies like Blizzard, Bethesda, EA and so on which make it tough for indie producers to get some popularity. Therefore, these producers need to create an amazing and innovative product in order to steal some of the spotlight. However, other producers rely on clever marketing campaigns such as the one we are going to present today.

Win One Bitcoin by Finishing a Video Game

Montecrypto is a brand-new game and the thing that makes it special and worth talking about is the fact that the developers have set out a challenge for players all over the world. The challenge is to be among the first people in the world to beat the game and the reward is one Bitcoin!

While video games are usually a means of entertainment and having fun, Montecrypto wants to take things to the next level by providing people with a way of winning lots of cash. The game features 24 puzzles that players need to beat in order to win one Bitcoin.

Fun Game

The best thing about Montecrypto is not only the fact that it provides people with the chance of winning one Bitcoin, but that it’s quite fun. The puzzles are complex and difficult which is going to intrigue many people. Nonetheless, the game will be available on February 20th on Steam and it will cost $1.99.

Random Winner

Considering the fact that one Bitcoin is worth $9,917.48 right now we can be sure that thousands of people are going to give Montecrypto a try. Therefore, the game’s developers are going to randomly select one winner from the large pool of players who will be able to beat the game.

The game’s full name is Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma and all its 24 puzzles will unlock a word key for a Bitcoin wallet which contains one token.