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Best 2017 Black Friday Deals for Tablets, Smartphones and Video Games


Black Friday is getting close and we bet that everyone is looking forward to it. During this international event, customers get to benefit from amazing time-limited deals on tech gadgets, video games, smartphones and many more.

Therefore, people who are looking to upgrade their smartphone or to purchase a video game console like the newly released Xbox One X should just wait for Black Friday to come first.

However, there is one big downside to Black Friday. Every store is full, and people need to stay in line for hours on end. With that said, we have compiled a list with the best Black Friday deals so that people know exactly where they need to go.

Smartphone Deals

  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will receive a $200 discount at Best Buy;
  • LG G6 will be available for only $5 with a qualified activation during Black Friday. This amounts to a $360 savings throughout the whole contract;
  • Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will receive a $200 discount in every store.

Video Games and Consoles

  • PlayStation 4 with 1TB of storage space will receive a $100 discount;
  • Xbox One S will be available for only $190 total;
  • Call of Duty WWI for PS4 will receive a $20 discount;
  • PlayStation VR with Gran Turismo Sport will be on sale for $300.


  • Amazon Fire HD 8-inch will feature a $30 discount;
  • Amazon Fire 7-inch will cost $30 which results in a $20 discount;
  • Apple 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be available with a discount of $150 at Best Buy;
  • Apple 9.7-inch iPad Pro will cost only $250, amounting to a $80 discount;
  • Apple iPad Mini 4 with 128GB of storage space‚Äôs price will be reduced down to $275.

There you have it, these are the best deals that are going to be available during Black Friday. However, we can be sure that more deals will be unveiled when Black Friday comes around and people should always be looking for major discounts, at least during that event.