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Best Alternatives Browsers of UC Browser


There are hundreds of mobile browsers that people can choose from, but one name stands out the most. We are talking about UC Browser and its ability to enhance anyone’s browsing experience. While UC Browser might offer a well-rounded set of features, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other browsers which can compete against it.

With that being said, today we are going to go over the top mobile browsers which offer the necessary features to replace UC Browser at any given day.

Google Chrome

What better way to start than with Google Chrome? Google is the company that’s directly in charge of this browser and this should speak volumes about the quality of services that it offers. Google Chrome is one of the world’s most popular browsers and there’s a good reason behind that. Google Chrome offers a fast and responsive browsing experience that makes it fun to surf the web.

Dolphin Browser

While Google Chrome might be focused on user experience, Dolphin Browser is targeted towards users who enjoy downloading stuff. This browser supports multi downloads and users can choose from a wide range of quality addons which are going to enhance Dolphin Browser’s performance even further.


Opera is the perfect browser for people who do not benefit from lots of mobile data. The reason we are saying this is because Opera has been developed to reduce mobile data usage through clever optimization. Moreover, Opera supports proxies and it offers a safe means of surfing the web.

Boat Browser

Not everyone is able to afford the latest iPhone X or Pixel 2 flagship smartphone. This is where Boat Browser comes in because it offers the same high-end features as UC Browser, but while requiring a lower amount of storage space and processing power.