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Best Camera apps for Windows Phone


In today’s world every class of people before purchasing a phone first checks the camera quality of that particular phone, everybody loves clicking pictures for making beautiful memories, phone is mainly used for taking pictures these days as the craziness for selfie is increasing day by day like anything.

Everyone doesn’t know how to click pictures on DSLR or SLR. Mostly, people find easier taking pictures on their phones rather avoid carrying their SLR or DSLR with them because phone is much more handy and easy to use for taking pictures in one click.

Weather a user own an ordinary phone or a smartphone, the camera is one feature that user will use the most.

In this era, there are lots of apps for different work and same there are many apps for editing pictures and clicking photos as well.

If a user is photo freak person then the user will surely download photo editor apps for making their photos more beautiful and clicking them in different way to upload on social networking sites to get maximum like out of their photos, this phobia is generally under youngsters who love taking selfie’s around.

If you are a windows user then there are many apps that will give your photos a more perfect shots and that too at free of cost, there are no charges for the windows user for camera apps and even those apps that requires payment they are also within the users pocket.

The users can go ahead surely and download camera apps and make their photos more and more impressive.

In this article you can find the best app for your Windows smartphone, and enjoy experimenting with new effects.

The first app which has very good features is MY 500px, well this app doesn’t changes the user current photographs but user can directly upload their beautiful pictures on social site.

And user can also enjoy the same photos of their friends or family and can also comment like we comment on social sites.

And the other good feature of this app is you can make your masterpiece your screen lock- wallpaper. Amateur, old or professional, who so ever the user may , the user will enjoy this app.

The second best camera app for Windows phone is ONE SHOT in this app you can apply different filters while taking pictures according to the situation.

Voice control in this app is very interesting feature of this app, user may add voice with the picture.

The third intresting app is LAZYLENS, a perfect name given to this app, like if the user is lazy to put several techniques to edit pictures, this is the right app for lazy users.

There are sets of filters, for user to apply very easily and also the crop and rotation of picture makes the picture perfect as the user wants.

The fourth app is the SKETCH CAMERA, if a person wants the picture looks like as if drawn by the user, this is the right app for those users who want their picture to be look like a sketch, it has more than 10 filters, the person can try these filters as per the look they want in their picture

The fifth app is the 6TAG, go ahead and connect with other 6tag users, comment share on pictures, this app is for instagram lovers basically users who have complaints for the unavailability of instagram on their phone, this is the app which will fulfill the space.

The user can apply various filters and even make out a collage out of their favourite pictures.

The sixth app is the PHOTO SYNTH, made for the panorama lovers, this free app allow the users to capture 60 degree panoramic shots. Users may join up all the photos and can upload it into a single photo.

This is the great app to create a cover photo for your Facebook profile.

The last best app is BLINK, with this free app a user can take various shots in one go, and select the best one out of all to share with friends and family, the best part of this app is user can capture the pictures in low light conditions also.

Which app do you found out to be more interesting? Do share your experiences by commenting below.


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