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Best Mining Software for Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency giant and it can represent a really profitable investment. But since this is digital currency, this also means that it is available for everyone and it can be earned for free.

Using a mining software can help you generate Bitcoins and all you need for that are your own computer resources. You can download a mining software right on your PC, and today we will share with you some of the best programs available.


MultiMiner is a Bitcoin miner that is very simple to use. This software is great for you even if you are just a beginner, but it can be also used by miners with more experience. Power users can even try and improve it, since it is an open source project.

One of the advantages for MultiMiner is the fact that it can be also used with other cryptocurrencies as well. The software will show you the coins that you can mine after it detects your mining hardware.


EasyMiner is another software that can be used to mine various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. EasyMiner is open source as well, which means that users are able to customise it and improve it anyway they want.

EasyMiner is available for free and it show you all the stats that you need, including total shares accepted or invalid, total shares in the past hour and has rate. There are also some performance graphs that can be configured.

Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner is one of the most accessible programs since it can be found right on Microsoft Store. The program is very simple to use and it is ideal if you are just getting started. Nevertheless, this miner only works if the window is open, and it does not work if it is minimized.